A small penis isn’t destiny! Rhino Gold Gel made my buddy 5 cm bigger

My name is Ray and I managed to enlarge my penis from 10 cm to 15 cm on my own, without surgery.

You might say that a 15 cm penis is small and the girls won’t be taken in by such a prick. No argument there. I happened to come across insatiable ladies who weren’t satisfied even with 20 cm. However, if I compare what I have now with what mother nature “endowed” me with, I can say I’m 100% satisfied with it!

I hope my experience will be useful for you. I managed to do it, so you will definitely succeed, too!

Some info about me

When I was 15-16 years old, I compared my penis size with my friends’ ones, just like all boys do. I peeped at them in toilets and changing rooms (well, who didn’t?). However, I was never happy with the results. By that time, all guys had something in their pants to boast of in front a girl. My friend had a penis of a real man – it was at least 20 cm long. However, I wasn’t desperate, I thought my little buddy would grow bigger by the time I would turn 18.

Girls were interested in me in college and university. I was a handsome, sociable and sporty guy, so I could easily get acquainted with any beauty. But any relationship lasted only a couple of nights. They just went silent on me after having sex – they didn’t answer my calls. One of them said I had a penis of a baby and told her female friends about it – I was so ashamed that I was about to leave my university.

My penis didn’t grow even a little bit longer even after I turned 25. With years, I developed more and more complexes about it. It was made worse by the fact that I’m tall (almost 2 metres) and athletic. When the girls got acquainted with me, they expected my buddy to be as large as I am. But what did I have for them? Miserable 10 centimeters?

When I found a job and got a stable income, the first thing I did was visiting a sexual health specialist. I hoped he would provide me with a referral for penis enlargement surgery. But the doctor said it was a bad idea to put the treasured part of the body under the knife. He advised me to visit the forum of PE men – the guys who practice PE (penis enlargement with the help of natural methods). These guys know first hand how to transform a ridiculous prick into a normal man’s penis!

I found this forum and was shocked! While I was developing complexes, the other guys were working on it and succeeding… It turned out there’re a lot of methods to make a penis bigger – starting with folk methods and up to special technologies.

To cut a long story short, I became an experienced PE man within 6 months and now I can share my experience with others.

These are the methods I tried out.

Penis enlargement exercises

I had to pay a pretty penny to access a set of exercises. I got a set of online lessons with basic exercises which, according to the authors, can make a penis 5-8 cm longer within half a year.

Later, I found out I could access these exercises for free – google “jelqing” and “exercises with a towel”. I did exercises for penis daily for three months, but then I gave up on it because they weren’t effective. My penis didn’t get even a bit longer: its length still was 10 cm and its girth was 2,5 cm.


Penis enlargement pills and potency enhancers were popular among PE men I tried only two products – a local one and a Chinese one. They did have some advantages: you want sex more than usual. You get extremely horny! Thanks to Chinese pills, my penis was always semi-erect and looked bigger. But once I stopped taking them, it went back to its normal size. Thus, it turned out I wasted time and money again. This is the main disadvantage of pills.


The guys on the forum advised me to buy a penis enlargement extender and I did it. It was the last thing to try out. The manufacturer’s site says that if you wear this device all the time (from 4 to 8 hours every day), your buddy will grow 0,5 cm longer per month! “Making it at least a couple of centimeters longer would be a great result!”, I thought.

An extender doesn’t come cheap! I had to save some money, hoping to get at least some kind of effect.

I decided to wear an extender all the time – both at home and at work - at least for 6 months. It turned out to be quite hard! Sometimes it was too tight, sometimes it rubbed my penis, sometimes it constricted the head of the penis, so I had to take it off, massage the head of the penis and then put the device on again. I did it in the office toilet and my colleagues got suspicious. I bravely endured mockery to achieve the goal – my penis should have become bigger one day.

I wore an extender for half a year, but nothing changed! Damn, how about the 0,5 cm per month they were talking about?!

Creams and gels

There’re a lot of ads featuring penis enlargement gels and creams on the Internet. One day, I bought a cream like that in a sex shop. But it turned out to be a scam. Then the guys on the forum advised me to try a new solution - Rhino Gold Gel . Even those who were disappointed in the creams praised this gel. At first, I doubted (they praised extenders, too!), but I decided to give it a try.

The idea is simple: you have to apply this gel to a semi-erect penis in the morning and in the evening. It’d be perfect to combine it with a massage, but I’m lazy so I didn’t do the massage half the time. The instruction for use says that the gel consists of the herbal extracts which fill your penis with blood and increase testosterone levels, thanks to this, your penis grows bigger.

The manufacturer told the truth! My penis grew 1 cm bigger within a week. Some people might say that’s not too much, but I was truly inspired! Finally, there’s an ad which tells the truth!

It took me 1 month and 1 tube of Rhino Gold Gel to achieve the desired size. By the time I completed the course my penis reached 15 cm. I finally felt like a real man!

That’s when I met an amazing girl – she was very charming and beautiful, she was in great shape. I wanted her so badly, but I held off on having sex as long as it was possible. Rhino Gold Gel made my penis bigger, but my complexes were still there.

One day, me and my lady got quite drunk and had a frank talk. She confessed she loved big penises and told me how big was her ex’s tool.

Luckily, I was drunk and didn’t think about my complexes. Rather, I acted like a man, I told her she would like doing it with me.

She’s amazing in bed! She climaxed again and again, she scratched my back… I fucked her as much as 4 times that night.

In the morning, I thought she faked her orgasms. I thought I was hardly like her ex. But the first thing I heard when she woke was:

Your tool is so cool! It felt so good for the first time in a long time!

She wasn’t teasing me. We’re still a couple, she has no idea that my “long sausage” (that’s how she likes to call my penis) hardly reached 10 cm in length in the past.

Want to enlarge your penis? You’ll do it!

I wrote this post for everyone who has the same problems as I had. At first, it was posted on the PE men’s forum, but now I share it publicly. Even the most savvy PE men don’t know about Rhino Gold Gel, how can one expect regular guys to know about it?

Rhino Gold Gel

Don’t repeat my mistakes! Don’t waste your time and money on useless penis enlargement methods. The earlier you start working on it, the faster you’ll get rid of complexes and begin to live a life of a real man.


I saw this post on the forum. This guy has been there for a long time. He’s a good guy, trust him. By the way, it’s me who advised him to try Rhino Gold Gel .

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Did anyone else try it? Did it help you?

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I’ve been practicing jelqing for 7 months: +2 cm

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Real Escape

Creams are nonsense. Idk why an extender didn’t work for this guy

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Oh, oldbies from the PE forum are here! How do extenders feel on your penises? Not too tight? I gave up this stuff half a year ago after I found Rhino Gold Gel. Made my tool 4cm bigger with its help and I’m absolutely happy with it!

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My bf used this gel, the result is great!

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I’ve never heard of penis enlargement before. I used to think that we can never change what nature gave us.

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Extenders are garbage, I agree. This gel really works. I’ve been using it just for 2 weeks, but my boy is already growing bigger!

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You guys have nothing to do, right? Feels like the author’s dick is his main priority in life.

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It’s easy to make judgments when everything is OK in your pants. But what if your penis is really small? Why to use it only to pee all your life long? They want to have sex, too!

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Nice stuff! I’ve ordered a tube to try. Thank you!

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